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After his debut at the service of the Italian Master of the Seventh Art Federico Fellini, for whom he has interpreted, among others, the Oscar-winning movie Amarcord, he became famous above all as a comic face of popular comedy in the Seventies and Eighties.
With a curriculum comprising more than eighty appearances between big and small screen, the Roman Alvaro Vitali is preparing to return on set in an new adventure for him: the thriller Deliriumpsike, whose filming is expected in 2018.


Cardboard Face is one of the patients that the story's protagonist meets in Rome, in the late '50s, during the period of his training at a psychiatric clinic led by a luminary of psychopathology, with a dark past behind the service of the fascist regime.
The character is not a mentally ill, but one of the many "unapparciated" who at that time were interned only because they were considered "deviated" because of unusual behavior.
He earned that nickname because he decided (deliberately) not to express himself in words with anyone, but he entrusts his emotions and his moods to a mask, which he has built in such a way that he can change his expression in different ways.
He is afraid of people, doesn't trust anyone anymore, showing discomfort and violent behavior when he is without a mask, especially in the presence of doctors, nurses or other patients.
Only with the protagonist, the young doctor, he will succeed in building a different relationship and expressing himself almost normally.
However, the director of the institute has already decided to subject the patient to a lobotomy and, when the young doctor learns about it, decides to save him from that treatment, which he considers inhumane, taking him away from the clinic and hosting him in his home / studio where he will undergo a series of alternative treatments.
The young doctor, in fact, is convinced that he can heal mental disorders through empirical experiments based on suggestion.

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