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Luigi Pastore come back to thriller with a new movie and an enigmatic title, whose filming is scheduled for 2018.
The production has launched a direct crowdfunding campaign, aimed not only at the audience of fans but also aimed at finding financial partners.

Director's notes by Luigi Pastore:

"The movie title has been with me for several years and, at the end, it's returned with strenght in my thoughts. It will be a great challenge, first of all with myself, because I went to dig deep into my anguishes and for to write the story I was completely isolated in the places of my childhood, taking refuge in an old family house without any modern comfort. It's not an autobiographical movie but I needed to recreate some atmospheres and suggestions linked to an obscure period of my life, above all for an episode quite scary and real happened, which served as a starting point for the film story.
Unlike my previous works, in this movi I will not focus on extreme violence and blood but I want to make the viewer uneasy from the beginning, gradually bringing him into a spiral of madness. "

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